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About me


My interest in photography sparked when I was in Mayo college (my school). I would take candid shots and fool around to make for crazy photographs using old digital cameras. After school I began a course in animation and visual effects and found myself working with the same boring stock pictures every day. So I picked up the camera and started taking pictures which I wanted to work on, things I was interested in animating or editing. Teaching myself on the go through books and videos.

It wasn’t long after that, that I got my first modelling assignment. I began to notice the elaborate set-ups, the lighting, the equipment and the cameras. I was in awe of everything and wanted to absorb as much knowledge as I could. I spent as much time talking to the photographer as I did posing for him. Learning the basics of the camera, the lighting and so much more. Working in front of the camera gives you a different point of view when you’re learning photography. My modelling took me to different places working with different photographers, giving me a huge opportunity to interact and learn the tricks of the trade. It wasn’t long after that I went from in front of the camera to behind it.

I began working as a photographer with a garment company, honed my skills for indoor lighting and photography, and left in 10 months. I went and replaced my old Canon 500D with a full frame Canon 5D Mark II. I realised I needed to be professional to be seen as a professional.

                             UPDATE: Now i have a Sony A7rii mirrorless.

In 2012, i participated in the Wiki Loves Monument contest, and won it (click here). The 2012 Wiki Loves Monuments competition has officially been recognized as the World’s Largest Photography Competition! The winning photo judged by the international jury was Safdarjung’s Tomb. The picture of Safdarjang’s Tomb beat more than 350,000 . Original Photo 

One of my photos was also selected by the Smithsonian Magazine as their “photo of the day” – Article


I make it a point to travel and explore. I try to always carry my camera with me; you never know when inspiration might hit you. I strive to keep learning and practicing, both in my editing skills and my photography.

After all, Practice makes perfect.


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