Ambrane Power bank 10,000mAh Review

Ambrane Power bank 10,000mAh Review

So i had been going through almost each and every site which review any power banks available in India and came across a wide variety of them. From fancy overpriced ones to mediocre value for money to almost the cheapest ones which i couldn’t believe offer so much mAh per rupee. So i thought i’ll try this power bank with a 10,000 mAh capacity which i was getting online on Flipkart for Rs 1,562/- only.

Tested on my Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPad 2.


Samsung Galaxy S4 (2600 mAh capacity)
Test 01:

0-40% (switched off) – power bank only went from 100% to 90% (at 1A)
40-100% (swtiched on) – power bank went from 90% to 75% (at 1A)
So from 0-100% – power bank Consumed only 25% of its battery life.

Test 02:
0-100% (Switched on) – Charger went from 75% to 48% (at 1A)
Took 2 hours.


Test 03:
0-100 (switched on) – Charger went from 48% to 0% in 100mins (at 2.1A)

So from almost half to o% in the last phase.


Charging back the battery pack:
Takes 10 hours to charge from 0-100% (at 2A)

Test 04:
iPad 2, charging from 0 to 100% – Charger went from 100% to 36% in 14 hours. (at 2.1A)


So for my phone, it can fully charge it three times and my ipad one and half times maybe. Not bad for its price.


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  1. This power bank is not properly work with usb speaker. …..this is right or wrong products tell me guys..

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